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Ghost hunters claim contact on US Navy ship
Ghost hunters claim contact on US Navy ship

A group of self-proclaimed ghost hunters claim to have heard and witnessed spirits aboard a decommissioned US Navy aircraft carrier.

The California-based group, which calls itself Chill Seekers recorded a visit on the USS Hornet last month.

The video appears to indicate the group leader Carissa communicating with spirit's aboard the ship.

She begins by saying that the group is not "here to bother or disrespect or harm anybody or anything on the ship" and invites spirits to "speak with us and tell us your story".

She asks: "Are you happy to see women aboard?"

The video appears to record a verbal response of "it's good" although the sound is poor.

At one point voices appear to say "we are under attack" and to "get off the ship".

The USS Hornet was commissioned in 1943 at the height of the war in the Pacific.

She destroyed 1,410 Japanese aircraft and destroyed or damaged 1,269,710 tons of enemy shipping.

Ten Hornet pilots attained "Ace in a Day" status.

She supported nearly every Pacific amphibious landing after March 1944 and struck the critical first hits in sinking the super battleship Yamato.

Her pilots are also credited with the first strikes against Tokyo since the 1942 Doolittle Raid.

During the cold war the Hornet had the honor of recovering astronauts from both the Apollo 11 and 12 missions.

Haunted says that crew and visitors have reported several strange incidents, sightings, and sounds.

Doors opening and closing by themselves, tools that vanish only to reappear after a long search, objects that move across floors or fall off shelves without reason, spectral sailors that move through the ship as if carrying out orders from another age, toilets that flush themselves, eerie presences felt, and feelings of being grabbed or pushed when no one is around.

The Chill Seekers video appears to capture a tapping sound which, if Morse Code, translated to read 'Hi, IT', which they suggest is a message from the IT technicians who used to work aboard the ship on which more than 300 people died.

In the video Carissa says she has been touched by a spirit and also talks about a significant drop in temperature on the room in which the group was sitting.

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