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Chantal Beyer and husband Sven Fouche moments before the attack. Photo: Handout/Beeld

A tourist in South African suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs after being attacked by a rhino - moments after she stopped for a picture in a nature park.

A picture taken just before the attack shows the rhino close to Chantal Beyer, 24, at the Aloe Ridge Hotel and Nature Reserve.

Local media reports say a wildlife expert urged Ms Beyer and her partner to stand closer to the animals.

Afrikaans-language newspaper the Beeld reported that guide Alex Richter advised them to stand a little closer seconds before the animal gored her from behind.

A huge bull rhino attacked Ms Beyer from behind.

She is in intensive care at a Krugersdorp hospital where she is said to be in stable condition, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Mrs Beyer's uncle and family spokesman Thom Peeters told the Beeld: "There were quite a few young people on the vehicle and they probably felt they could trust Richter, who was an adult."

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