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It could be a case of great white shark one, crocodile nil.

Two people walking along a South African beach were stunned to find the head of a large crocodile washed up on the shore.

Neale and Brigitte Cary-Smith are in now doubt that the crocodile came off second best in a fight with a great white shark.

Mr Smith quickly filmed the find, explaining in great detail that the crocodile came from a nearby river mouth out into the ocean where it met its match.

Others believe the crocodile was killed by poachers.

But Mr Smith, in his video, says wounds left by shark teeth can be clearly seen.

In the vision, Mr Smith says: "You can see where the shark has actually ripped it. On the side here in the flesh you can see the shark teeth.

"It’s quite normal for sharks to swim here in the sea at St Lucia and it’s also very normal for very large sharks to be very close to the shore."

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