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ED! kids talk to police dog-whisperer

Our police officers work to keep us safe but what is it like to be one? This week in ED! children’s liftout Perri Colquhoun spoke to members of the WA Police to find out. Here’s resident …

AQWA’s stingrays swim back into view this week as a Finding Nemo sequel debuts at theatres. Win a family pass.

Why is it important to learn computer programming in schools? Little ones have their say to win an iPad Mini.

In efforts to cut road kill, Finnish reindeer herders have painted Rudolph’s antlers in fluorescent colours, hung reflectors round their necks and even used movable traffic signs.

Two police officers, a retired police officer and a pilot will go on trial next year accused of misusing the camera on a police helicopter to look at people who were naked or engaged in sex acts.

Children’s writer Heather Zubek locks down the facts about the hair on your head.

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