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Dished up: African Reef’s head chef Ben Evans serves up a dessert at his restaurant.
Dished up: African Reef’s head chef Ben Evans serves up a dessert at his restaurant.

Head chef Ben Evans is back where his career in the hospitality industry all began.

When he was 18 years old he worked as a waiter at the African Reef Beach Restaurant.

Now he is back working as the head chef.

Mr Evans has worked on and off at the restaurant for the past 11 years.

He has always had a soft spot for the restaurant and is glad to be back.

“It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere and we work well as a team,” Mr Evans said.

African Reef’s staff want Geraldton residents to know the restaurant is open for all to enjoy.

The whole resort is up for renovations and a makeover.

The restaurant is set to get new equipment and will be given a general spruce-up.

General manager Jacqui Jones and manager Bernie Gorringe started earlier this year.

It offers several different dining options from a continental breakfast through to upmarket homestyle pub dinner meals.

Mr Gorringe said the restaurant is trying to get its reputation up again.

He said when the restaurant closed for a month a while back, residents thought it had closed for good, but that is not the case.

“It has some of the best views in Geraldton and that is what makes it special I believe,” Mr Gorringe said.

He has been advertising in the Geraldton Guardian and local IGAs to get the word out there that they are open for business.

Go to the to make a booking or for information.

Bookings are recommended.

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