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Feeding frenzy: The great white devours a seal carcass 500m offshore from Beresford.
Feeding frenzy: The great white devours a seal carcass 500m offshore from Beresford.

A great white shark was dramatically captured on video feeding on a seal carcass just 500m off the Geraldton coast on Friday.

Onlookers aboard boats used mobile phones to video the three-metre shark ripping the carcass to shreds in the waters off Chapman Rd about 11.30am.

English ex-pats Doug Yeates, 44, and Paul Elliott, 42, were part of a small party aboard Mr Yeates’ boat which witnessed the feeding frenzy.

Mr Yeates was taking his son Matthew Hancock, 21, and girlfriend Charlotte Bates, 20, on a boat cruise on the final day of the couple’s three-week holiday from the UK.

After seeing something peculiar bobbing in the water, Mr Yeates said he moved the boat for a closer look.

“We thought it was a turtle,” he said of the carcass.

“Then it (the shark) just began attacking it.”

Ms Bates filmed the shark as it took two separate bites from the carcass, just metres away from their boat and another occupied by some divers.

In the first part of her sevenminute video, the shark raises its head out of the water, grabbing the carcass in its jaws.

Less than a minute later, it grabs it again, violently thrashing the carcass for several seconds, leaving ripples of blood and bubbles.

Mr Yeates, a Drummond Cove resident, said they watched the shark for about half an hour as it circled the boats.

“It was over 10 foot (three metres), “ he said.

“It had a massive width as well.”

The train driver, who emigrated to Geraldton from Derby in November, was astonished at how easily the shark tossed the carcass.

“The carcass would have been about 100 kilograms and it took it under the water twice,” he said.

"It must have had unbelievable power.”

The area of coastline is popular with divers and stand-up paddle boarders.

The City of Greater Geraldton and the Department of Fisheries closed the beach a kilometre north and south of the site for 24 hours after the sighting.

Authorities gave the all-clear to re-open the beach on Saturday after an inspection found no sign of the shark.

Last week’s shark sighting was the second in a month to be videoed near Geraldton.

Divers Nathan Podmore and Dave Richards made international headlines when they encountered a great white off Drummond Cove in July.

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