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Knock-knock thieves: Police warn householders as burglars prey on good Samaritans
Knock-knock thieves: Police warn householders as burglars prey on good Samaritans

Brazen burglars have taken to door-knocking potential victims in Geraldton to case out the vulnerability of homes, police have warned.

There were 11 reported burglaries in Rangeway late last month where burglars used the tactic.

One woman had her handbag stolen from someone who knocked on her door and asked for some sugar.

Late last month, a man in Rangeway had a wallet and two phones stolen when a man knocked on his front door to ask for directions.

While he was distracted, another person entered the rear of the property and stole the items.

Police said burglars could be employing the new tactic as more householders took measures to secure their homes.

Sen. Sgt Tony Mettam said police had received a spate of reports about burglars canvassing properties by knocking on doors.

“They are having a look at who’s home and the vulnerability of them,” he said.

“We believe they are going back later.

"There seems to be a spate of that and we want to put an end to it.

“We want to get the message to people to keep them on the outside. Don’t let anyone inside your home.”

Sen. Sgt Mettam said some burglars had broken in through locked windows.

“Now that people are starting to lock up they’re starting to smash their way in.”

He urged the public to report such activity to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

“If you do get suspicious people coming and asking for things at strange times, give us a ring,” he said.

“If there’s someone going up and down your street banging on doors, we can flood that area and do something about it.”

Police said a woman late last month gave some sugar to a teenager who had knocked on her door.

About 90 minutes later, the boy entered her home through the back door.

When confronted he pushed past her and fled with her handbag.


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