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My Wheels: Edd Black
Liberty lover: Edd Black, Chairman of the Customer Service Advisory, Main Roads WA. Picture: Iain Gillespie/The West Australian

Edd Black is Independent Chairman of the Customer Service Advisory Council of Main Roads WA. He loves his Liberty and admires the design of the Aston Martin.


I bought a basic Liberty at an auction five years ago and was instantly hooked by all-wheel-drive handling, after decades of big sixes.

Two years later, my wife became one of the 40,000 reported traffic incidents each year, involving mainly ordinary drivers with a safe driving history. The car was written off without her sustaining any injuries, so we decided to get another Liberty, not a new oversized model, but a tidy MY07 2.5 GT Spec B.

The Spec B is at its very best in the dark in the rain - steady, firm, predictable with great vision - or gliding up to Geraldton via the new scenic Indian Ocean Drive.


Most days I believe I have already got it, but now and then, I spot an Aston Martin and have disloyal thoughts because of its beautiful design work and serious engineering.


A 1954 Morris Minor, a magic little car. As a student, I saved my night-job money, looked in the Saturday paper and paid a nice lady in Tuart Hill the princely sum of $75 for the car.

Three student/apprentice friends also had "Morries" - a convertible, a sedan and a station wagon. One had to get white-ant treatment for the external wood trim of his Minor Traveller Estate before one of our joint outings to the Drive-In.

Going in a group was both fun and handy, as there were always friends available to push your car when it didn't start after the movie.


I think I might be a four. Not on mechanical knowledge but the enjoyment of driving something that handles beautifully in suburban traffic, on a freeway and especially leisurely country touring.

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