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My Wheels: Stephen Becsi
Steve Becsi and his Holden Statesman: "It is a very practical car with a V8 engine." Picture: Robert Duncan/The West Australian

CEO of the Bethanie Group Stephen Becsi has driven across Australia 14 times so it's not surprising that one of his dream cars is a 4WD.


I am currently driving a 2010 Holden Statesman. It is a very practical car with a V8 engine and auto fuel management system, which means that when I need the power to tow my boat I can. But with the large amount of driving I do it is economical by reverting to four cylinders when not towing.

It is also comfortable and roomy for taking teenage kids and friends when required. As I am a patriotic Australian, owning an Australian-made car makes sense.


I had to think hard and long about that question. A sensible answer would be a Toyota Sahara 4WD as it would allow me to escape the noise and frantic pace of this modern era by going bush.

However, when it comes to style a Chevy Corvette ZR1 ticks my box.

It has still retained the style and shape from the mid-to-late 20th century, with the unforgettable V8 rumble.


An LX Torana. I suppose when looking back down memory lane it gave me my first taste of independence and freedom.


Cars are an important part of my life. I have driven across Australia 14 times and have enjoyed every trip.

It's more than just getting from A to B, for me it is an experience. My brother has just bought me a V8 Supercar Driving Experience for my 50th birthday.

I guess that says it all - so my rating is probably four out of five.

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