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My Wheels: Steve Davies
Former Navy Commodore Steve Davies says the versatility of his Holden Captiva AWD is why it suits his family life and hobbies. Picture: Robert Duncan/The West Australian

Former Navy Commodore Steve Davies wants reliability from a dream car. But he prefers yachts and submarines over road transport.


My car is a Holden Captiva AWD. This is a great car for me because it complements my lifestyle - it can tow my yacht and handle slippery boat ramps, it can carry two kayaks on the roof and a wet dog in the back.

With the seats down I can pick up a load of wood for the next home project or carry a couple of bikes. Then, when I clean it up, it's respectable enough to take the family out to dinner or to use for work.

Last year my girls and I drove over to Queensland towing a trailer full of camping gear. We lived out of the car for seven weeks and covered 15,000km during that time.


My dream car is one that reliably does all the things I need of it - the AWD wagon seems to be the right type of car for me.

There's flashier models than the Captiva but they cost more and I'd rather spend the money on boats. And at least part of it is made in Australia - the engine.


I bought my first car the year I joined the navy. It was a four-cylinder version of the Holden Torana called a Sunbird but it became a Torana again when the original engine blew up and my dad fitted a second-hand straight-six.

A heavy clutch and three-speed gearbox made it a beast to drive.


Cars don't do it for me, I prefer yachts and submarines. I'll probably keep this car for 10 years as long as it keeps going reliably.

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