My Wheels: Trevor Shilton
The Heart Foundation's Trevor Shilton with his Hyundai Santa Fe . Much as he loves his car, he'd rather ride his bike or walk. Picture by Gerald Moscarda/The West Australian

Even though he is promoting Walk Over October health benefits, the Heart Foundation (WA) Director of Cardiovascular Health still needs four-wheel transport.



I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe. I needed a car that could tow my 4.2m runabout and take it off the boat ramp, accommodate our holidays and country travel as well as safely transport grandchildren.

The Hyundai is a great all-rounder. It does all I need it to - it's perfect for accessing the bush, beach and off-road fishing trips, carrying two bikes on the back and a wave ski on the roof rack while towing the boat and comfortably transporting five people.


While holidaying recently in Canada, I rented a Jeep Cherokee and it drove like a dream. It has all the comfort of a city car but can do all I would need it to off the beaten track. It's bigger than the Santa Fe (and would tow a bigger boat).


I was a very poor uni student and car-less. A friend of the family had a fire under the bonnet of their Triumph Herald - has anyone heard of this car?

It was going to cost $175 to fix it so to cut their losses they offered it to me for $175. How could I refuse? To anyone else it was an old bomb but to me it was a red sports car that got me to uni for three years before it died.

One of the great features of a Herald was that the whole front end of the car lifted back to fully expose the motor for a would-be mechanic. You could actually sit on a tyre while pulling it apart and putting it back together.


I like a car to be able to do all the things I need it to, especially in relation to my recreation, but as a nation we are too car dependent.

An alarming statistic I recently picked up from Department of Transport colleagues in connection with our walking campaign, Walk Over October, is that every day in the Perth-Peel region we take around 480,000 car trips of less than 1km.

These are trips that could easily be a walk or a cycle rather than a drive and in the process we could help our health, the environment and help reduce traffic congestion. I enjoy my car but I enjoy a good bike ride or good walk even more. I guess as a car enthusiast this makes me about a 2.

• Walk Over October is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the transport, health, recreational and environmental benefits of regular walking. The campaign is now in its 12th year and is co-ordinated by the Heart Foundation in collaboration with the State Government. For more information on the next walk visit

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