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Many motives to buy
Illustration: Don Lindsay

So, who drives the dirty dozen?

Take the Wrangler. Guy, macho, brash, check shirt, into guns? Yes, there'd be a bit of that.

But I know two women who own them - one a senior colleague, the other a young, trendy urbanite.

And, more empirically, the global stats say the average income of owners is well above average.

In the US, for example, lots of rich people have one in their fleet.

For those with ranches, the car has awesome capabilities off-road.

If their business life is spent cooped up in a city office, like Clancy they might yearn for a steed that gives them a sense of freedom.

And, for extroverts and narcissists, there's the look-at-me factor, especially in orange.

With the muscle sedans and utes on my list, we might assume young petrolheads with dangerous driving habits are the target market.

But take a look at the price tags and such notions become illogical.

Indeed, new HSVs and FPVs are bought mainly by guys over 35, many of whom wear white collars to work or run their own businesses.

Mature-age buyers are attracted to such cars for myriad reasons - the nostalgia, imagery, engineering and styling. While there's no doubt some would be irresponsible drivers, many would choose to test the performance of their wheels at track days.

But not on public roads.

To most, their car is too precious to trash.

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