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My Wheels: Lisa Cunningham
Charity worker Lisa Cunningham with her Toyota Prado. Picture: Gerald Moscarda

Lisa Cunningham, of the David Wirrpanda Foundation, drives a practical Prado. It's a long way from her first car, Reggie the Renault.


I am currently driving a Toyota Prado. I work at the David Wirrpanda Foundation and I chose this car as it could assist when we are delivering programs, especially regional programs, and also on our fundraising events.

We have two major fundraisers a year and this car provides us with great space. It is very practical, but ideal.


I am really happy with my Prado so I would probably say a Toyota.


A 1975 Renault I purchased for $1000 and then named "Reggie". It was an incredibly reliable car, really safe.


I would say a one. I really don't know much about cars at all; I am totally about the practicality.

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