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The beach body workout
Alice Round. Picture: Rob Duncan/The West Australian

For personal trainer Alice Round, summertime exercise means utilising the beach to push herself.

“My favourite beach workout is one that involves not only the soft sand but also hills and/or stairs with some full-body resistance exercises and plyometrics.

“Running is my way of zoning out from the stresses of daily life and reflecting back on goals and motivations, and it creates a positive mindset,” she said.

“This workout targets not only the aerobic but also the anaerobic energy system and gets the benefits from both a cardiovascular and resistance training workout.”

Her favourite routine starts with a beach jog warm-up of 10-15 minutes and then the real workout begins.

Plyometric Drills
10-15 power bounds, bunny hops, side shuffles, high knees and backwards running.

Complete two to three sets of these, all on the soft sand.

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