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Picture this senario: You’re up to your eyeballs in work demands or family busyness and then someone asks you to take on another task - what do you say?

One of WA’s peak diabetes groups wants obesity to be treated like a disease rather than trying to shame people with simplistic messages about losing weight and getting fit.

In a sports science era when elite athletes have every movement analysed and optimised, Ian Dunican’s message for the Perth Lynx is refreshingly simple: sleep in and win.

Stepping onto the scales may not help us control the kilos. Find better ways to keep weight creep in check

Viagra could prevent heart attacks, according to research. Patients taking the male impotence drug were found to have a lower risk of having a heart attack or dying from heart failure than those not …

Perth researchers are investigating whether reverting to the old whooping cough vaccine could not only give children longer immunity but also reduce allergies.

Plastic surgeons are calling for WA laws to protect patients from unsafe cosmetic surgery, including the use of high-dose local anaesthetic.

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