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The number of WA children under 12 contacting the Kids Helpline has jumped more than 50 per cent in just 12 months and now makes up almost one in five calls, figures reveal.

If your skin reflects foods you are eating, the comforting offerings in autumn and winter will have you glowing.

Anew eating regime which allows wine, chocolate and coffee and promises to switch on the skinny gene is dividing nutritionists.

You may feel like you are still in your 30s but the fact is the 50s body goes through significant physical changes that require dietary support.

Hardly over the hill, today’s women aged over 50 are just as focused on health, style and contentment as their younger counterparts.

Standing in a chamber cooled to -150 degrees Celsius may sound like a punishment, but whole body cryotherapy is considered the latest workplace perk in Perth's booming corporate wellness sector.

There are many causes of bloating, so not all treatments will be suited to everyone. We look at some techniques for easing bloating – from a physio, naturopath and dietician – that you can …

Whether it’s a protruding faux baby belly or just plain old discomfort - bloating can be both embarrassing and painful.

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