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Demanding dessert makes menu

When you order a bowl of Peanut Butter Disaster ice-cream at the soon-to-be-opened Jamie's Italian in Perth, you'll be eating a dessert made to a recipe guided by a seven-page list of banned ingredients.

"There are scores of ingredients we're not allowed to use, including oxygen, nitrogen and precious metals, among other things," Serendipity ice-cream chief executive Sarah Mandelson said.

"Jamie is known for his ethical and sustainable approach to cooking, so he's very careful with his ingredients."

Ms Mandelson, who supplies a palette of her super-premium, all natural ice-creams to Jamie Oliver's Sydney restaurant, expects the Perth restaurant will sell a similar amount - about 170kg a week.

With a target of 1000 customers a day, the soon-to-be-opened casual diner is a big celebrity chef statement and an even bigger boon for restaurant suppliers.

Blue Cow Cheese chief executive Nick Bath, WA distributor of Serendipity, said the restaurant was making some of the biggest food orders seen in WA.

The Jamie Oliver PR machine is being highly secretive about the restaurant's menu and opening date but it is understood it will stage a series of 200 customer "hit-outs" next week, before opening on March 25.

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