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A cosmetics company wants people to look their very best - even when they die.

Illamasqua has teamed up with London funeral director Leverton & Sons to offer "ritual beauty to the final act for those who love to self-express".

"Offering professional funeral make-up transformations applied by a specially trained Illamasqua make-up artist, the Final Act of Self-Expression encourages people for whom making-up is an intimate part of their identity to plan their final transformation - one that pays tribute to who they were in life and how they want to enter the afterlife," Illamasqua says on its website.

"Leverton & Sons is one of the oldest and most respected funeral directors in Britain. The company's longevity combined with Illamasqua's truly professional make-up products ensures a distinguished service of quality and dependability."

Illamasqua says it encourages people to self-express and embrace their alter ego.

"Why should this be any different when you pass away? It is a celebration of life, and one that should be indulged for your last glamorous look.

"The rite of passage to the afterlife has been of central importance to human culture for thousands of years.

"To have the best mahogany, the finest lining, the best stallions . . . are today chosen in tribute to the life lived.

"To wear the most fabulous make-up applied by a professionally trained make-up artist for your final journey is the ultimate statement of celebration."

Prices for the service start from £450 ($674) and are subject to availability.

Levertons, a family-run funeral director for more than 220 years, offers bespoke and themed funerals.

"A variety of hearses are available on request including Harley Davidson motorcycles, Triumph, Cadillacs, pink hearses and vintage hearses," the company says on its website.

There are even bespoke eco-friendly coffins designed to suit individual tastes. People are able to pre-order a bespoke coffin before they pass away.

Levertons also offers a greener funeral.

"The carbon footprint of a funeral can be reduced in a variety of ways, but carbon zero funerals don't (yet) exist in the UK," it says.

"Although there is no truly green, carbon-zero funeral, there are ever-increasing ethical choices for those of us who want to protect our environment."

So there you go - even when you die you'll be able to look glamorous and be environmentally friendly.

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