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Vogue Australia's former editor Kirstie Clements has boosted sales of her "tell-all" book by chatting to famous US talk-show host Barbara Walters.

Appearing on Friday's episode of The View - one of the world's highest rating TV talk-shows - Clements was invited onto the Hot Topic section to discuss the issue of too-thin models.

Wearing a black dress with a large silver necklace, Clements explained to Walters and her co-hosts the term "Paris thin" - when Australian models would have to drop two dress sizes if they wanted to get a look-in on overseas runways.

In her book The Vogue Factor, the cover of which the show flashed several times to its millions of viewers, Clements reveals that models sometimes soak tissues in orange juice and eat them to fill their empty stomachs.

The female panel was horrified by how far young models will go to stay thin.

Clements talked about the time she was on a three-day photoshoot in Marrakesh and by the end, one of the models who hadn't eaten the whole time passed out on a sofa, too weak to move.

The issue of runway models starving themselves so they fit into the minuscule sample dresses is a major concern for young girls, whereas Clements says Vogue magazine editors have been proactively pushing healthier-looking models in their pages.

"It's not really about policing the model, it's about policing the image you present," Clements said.

"If you're not with a girl 24/7 you don't know they've got an eating disorder."

During the episode, Walters, who Clements says is an idol of hers, even gave a special hello to The View's Australian audience.

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