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Texture the trend for nails
Minx Checkers Nails at Elegance Nail and Beauty in Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove.

How do you wear your nails — short and bright? Long and understated?

Nails have become just as much an indication of your “look” as the clothes you wear and how you style your hair and make-up.

So what are the trends in nails for 2013? In a word — contrast.

Nails of Elegance and Beauty in Peppermint Grove manager Andrew Dixon said Australian nail trends followed quick on the heels of the United States.

“Textures are really coming through,” he said. These statement nails are achieved by layering matte and gloss polishes and result in amazing nail art. Mr Dixon predicts textures will become more noticeable this year.

Keep your eyes out for embedded nails(when fixtures are included in the polish like gems or paper flocking) and bold polishes with glitter undertones.

But if you prefer your nails more “classic” you’re in luck. Pales and understated nails were evident in the US spring fashion shows and are likely to come Down Under, too.

“Look, you can never go past the old classic red,” Mr Dixon said.

Nail shapes were becoming more relaxed this season, moving away from the short and square manicure which had reigned for seasons.

“It’s not necessarily the stock-standard shaped nails. People are going back to the more oval and round and pointed nails, so some of the old classic styles are coming back in.”

According to Skin Deep Medi-Spas operations manager Rachael Alford, the rules of polish placement have gone out the window this season.

“A feature nail is when clients have a French manicure, but something different on a particular nail, like the wedding finger on each hand,” she said. “On trend at the moment is to have your feature nail on each hand on a completely different finger; chopping and changing between each hand, so it may be the index finger on one, but a different finger on the other.”

According to Miss Alford, mixing and layering your polishes is huge.

“This way it’s the same colour that you love, but spicing it up with some OPI glitter or gold overlay on top.”

Absolutely Beautiful Skin Care Centre in Marmion manager Chantelle Waites said make a statement with your nails.

“Punchy neons, creamy pastels, and classic nudes have been big manicure hits and are an easy way to give your outfit a touch of elegance, or a bold statement.

“Gold and silver nails will be popular again in the party circuit.”

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