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The Sip #35 - Nail s Brockwell Brewedwell
The Sip #35 - Nail's Brockwell Brewedwell

Long-time beer drinker and The Sip editor Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's top drops to the test.

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Good beer drinkers are learning a great deal about the key people behind the success of Nail Brewing just by reading labels.

In his Brew Log collection head brewer John Stallwood has been determined to produce beverages in homage of those who have helped him along his journey.

His latest offering, a Red Ale, is named Brockwell Brewedwell in hour of a great early supporter of the Nail dream.

The late Maurice Brockwell was an astute WA businessman who owned Bobby Dazzler’s in the Perth CBD.

Just as Stallwood wanted to take his brewing concepts to the next step of commercial production it was Brockwell who provided the backing and early last decade offered him a premises from which to work.

“Maurice saw my enthusiasm and could see that craft beer was going somewhere,” Stallwood said.

“He gave me a foot in the door.”

Stallwood has advance to produce his nationally renowned Clout Stout, of which the 2014 version will be released later this month.

Nail has also recently taken on the Brew Log series. The first, the Dunn Brown Ale, also spawned the Hughe Dunn Brown that won gold at last year’s Australian International Beer Awards.

The beer was in recognition of the backing Stallwood had received from university brewing guru Hugh Dunn.

The Smokey Burns, a Rauchbier, was released for Stallwood’s sister and the following Clayden Brew Imperial Porter, for his son, has been highly lauded.

So No.4 on the Brew Log roster is the Brockwell Brewedwell. It is beautiful red colour in the glass.

There is dry hopping with Citra coming through very strongly in the aroma.

But there is a nice fruity, almost a plum, taste and a smooth mouthfeel. At 35 IBU it is a beer that can be consumed at any time of year.

Stallwood said Jerome Kennedy had had a strong influence on the recipe while deputy Andrew Burton has been a valuable offsider, helping in the process.

Nail are also celebrating there success as best small brewery at the South Australian beer awards.

The timing couldn’t be better with Brockwell Brewedwell about to be taken into South Australia by distributor Heron Towers.

The Sip Snip
Brockwell Brewedwell
Brewer: Bassendean, WA
Style: Red Ale
Alcohol content: 6%
Standard drinks: 1.6
Bitterness: 35IBU
Bottles: 330ml
Estimated calories: 135 (approx)
The Sip Tip (rating): Top shelf

Average prices: Available at Mane Liquor $6 per bottle, $22 for four pack.

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