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The Tip - Friday s Foursome Fix 8
The Tip - Friday's Foursome Fix 8

Long-time beer drinker and The Sip editor Ross Lewis gives some ideas on what to consume over the weekend.

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The weekend is around the corner and it is time to consider what to drink for enjoyment at various events over the coming days.

So The Sip has looked at four circumstances for enjoying a brew and suggested beers that might suit the occasion.

The list will change each week.

Stick with The Sip for news on the brews we choose and remember to consumer your beers responsibly.


Night on the town
Moon Dog Jukebox Hero IPA
It might have been a dog of a week for some. So nothing like a hair of the canine to give drinkers some satisfaction at the end of the five days or torture. So this edition of the Fix looks at beers with a mutley element to them. The first is actually promoted on its label by a monkey. The strong pine aroma will immediately ease your tensions. It has a great hoppy feel – and there are a lot of cones in the mix – and a hint of honey. The taste of melon fruit also comes through.
Alcohol: 7 per cent. 1.8 standard drinks.

Watching sport on TV
Parrotdog Bloody Dingo
New Zealand are giving a lot back to Australia gauging by the wealth of top craft brewers in the Shaky Isles. This Wellington-based outfit has a great stable of products and the Bloody Dingo Imperial Red Ale is one of their latest exports. Last year it won a gold medal at the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards in the US Ales class. There is plenty of sweet fruit in the aroma with apricot a stand-out. There is a caramel base and a satisfying finish.
Alcohol: 7.7 per cent. 2.1 standard drinks.

For the dinner party
BrewDog Libertine Black Ale
This Scottish crew have a vast range of super brews. However, they warn that this BrewDog has a bite. And it does at the end as the bitterness hits. The brewer hasn’t spared the hops here either. Beer snobs would definitely put this in the hop bomb category as the Simcoe takes over the drink. While it pours like a stout the taste of ale cannot be disputed. There is a splash of chocolate with raisins on the tongue. Could be nice to have later in a meal.
Alcohol: 7.2 per cent. 1.8 standard drinks.

Out to impress
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Just serving this brew to a drinking partner should earn their plaudits. It can be hard to track down this beer in Australia so serving one is a credit to the provider. Dogfish Head grew out of the US State of Delaware but they have now gained respect as one of the best craft brewers in that country. The India Pale Ale has been dubbed the best of the variety in America by Esquire Magazine. The beer is continuously hopped to give it that wonderful hop flavour. There is malt, leading to a biscuit sensation, in the middle of the sip but it hides its high alcohol well.
Alcohol: 9 per cent. 2.6 standard drinks.

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