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The Tip - Friday s Foursome Fix 6
The Tip - Friday's Foursome Fix 6

Long-time beer drinker and The Sip editor Ross Lewis gives some ideas on what to consume over the weekend.

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The weekend is around the corner and it is time to consider what to drink for enjoyment at various events over the coming days.

So The Sip has looked at four circumstances for enjoying a brew and suggested beers that might suit the occasion.

The list will change each week.

Stick with The Sip for news on the brews we choose and remember to consumer your beers responsibly.


Night on the town
Little Creatures Rogers Ale
Craft beer and low alcohol usually aren’t mixed in the same sentence. There is a fear among boutique brew drinkers that once the ABV drops below 4 per cent, so does much of the taste. Not with Rogers which has been able to generate plenty of flavour from its mid-strength drop. And that enables punters to enjoy one or two more before tipping the standing scales in the wrong direction. Rogers reminds consumers of a great English Ale with a caramel flavour and a mouthfeel that doesn’t give the impression of being more water than brew. And it is a great way to finish the week without starting the weekend with a headache.
Alcohol: 3.8 per cent. 1 standard drink.

Watching sport on TV
Stone and Wood Stone Beer
As the colder weather hits it is time for The Sip to look at some darker brews, especially if you’re sitting in the man cave hoping your team will score. This version of what has become a limited release product from the brewer who started in Byron Bay is a great accompaniment for night in front of the fire. The Helga and Sylva hops give this drink a kick but the hint of toast and roasted malts will help warm you up – and hopefully help you celebrate a victory. It is high on the alcohol scale but it comes in 500ml bottles allowing the drinker to spend more time watching than searching the fridge.
Alcohol: 6.9 per cent. 3.6 standard drinks

For the dinner party
Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black
This brewing team from New Zealand have been shaking up the craft beer scene on both sides of the big ditch. The Yeastie Boy range is diverse and exciting. And it started with this flagship porter. So good is this drop that it was voted Champion Beer of Asia in 2012. All this information will be good fodder when your guests ask about what you’re drinking. It might be black but there is a fair bit of floral experience from the Nelson Sauvin, Styrian Goldings and New Zealand Cascade hops. It has strong popularity among chefs for its ability to be a great food pairing.
Alcohol: 6 per cent. 1.6 standard drinks.

Out to impress
Bridge Road/Nogne O Aurora Borealis 2
We mentioned in last week’s Foursome Fix about the willingness of the Norwegian producer to experiment with Australian breweries. The second version of this hybrid drop is further proof of how successful these collaborative beers can be. Those who like to serve a cognac late in the evening after a few brews can get the best of both in one glass. Nogne shipped what was essentially a Belgian Tripel to Bridge Road’s Beechworth operation in Victoria. The beer was placed in old cognac barrels and the taste of the spirit is unmistakable and ravishingly good. It is high in alcohol and cost but for a late-night sip it is well worth the experience.
Alcohol: 9.1 per cent. 3 standard drinks.

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