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The Tip - Friday s Foursome Fix 5
The Tip - Friday's Foursome Fix 5

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis gives some ideas on what to consume over the weekend.

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The weekend is around the corner and it is time to consider what to drink for enjoyment at various events over the coming days.

So The Sip has looked at four circumstances for enjoying a brew and suggested beers that might suit the occasion.

The list will change each week.

Stick with The Sip for news on the brews we choose and remember to consumer your beers responsibly.


Night on the town
Blue Moon Belgian White
It has taken almost 20 years to get here but a lot more pubs have been featuring this product from the US MillerCoors conglomerate. And it is best to have it from the tap because it does require a little addition, yet one that drinkers of wheat beers have become familiar. Although it is made with Valencia orange peel, it is worth asking the bartender for a slice of the citrus fruit at the top of the glass because it does enhance the aroma and taste. The brew was inspired by the Belgian Wits and has a very pleasant creamy mouthfeel. If you are going with the bottle version make sure you pour at 45 degrees to ensure the right size of foam.
Alcohol: 5.4 per cent. 1.4 standard drinks.

Watching sport on TV
Anchor Liberty Ale
Since it is World Cup time and Australia and England have been eliminated it might be time for the English speakers to get behind the US for the rest of tournament. So why not view the Stars and Stripes side with a beer from the home of the brave. And there are many brewers around the world that owe the Liberty Ale some gratitude. This was first brewed in 1975 and it helped kick-start the craft beer revolution. A wonderfully floral drop from the Cascade dry hopping this is well worth a taste and is widely available in 355ml bottles.
Alcohol: 5.9 per cent. 1.5 standard drinks

For the dinner party
Burleigh Brewing FigJam
No better way to taste a chat over a casserole than to have a label featuring FigJam. At least, it invites the question. If the fellow guest was truly interested they’d be asking for a sip of this super India Pale Ale. It is a super complement to any heavy meat dish. It has a peach and vanilla flavour and a lot of hops. There is a strong malt element which is understandable considering there are five barley varieties packed into the 330ml bottle. It has a splash of bitterness but it is far from overpowering.
Alcohol: 7 per cent. 1.8 standard drinks.

Out to impress
Nogne O Pale Ale
Just tell your drinking partner this tipple is from Norway and it should raise the eyebrows in admiration. Then give them a taste of this imported brew and they will marvel at your choice. Nogne O, and there is a cross through the o in Norwegian, have a strong affinity with Australia through their collaborative efforts with local brewers. Be careful on the pour because you can overload on the foamy head. But once it hits the lips the feel of orange peel, grapefruit and apricot come through. There is the citrus taste right to the end. You can also mention to those in your drinking circle that this also collected a silver medal at the Australian International Beer Awards.
Alcohol: 6 per cent. 3.1 standard drinks (500ml bottle).

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