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The Tip - Friday s Foursome Fix (clone 1401433703)
The Tip - Friday's Foursome Fix

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis gives some ideas on what to consume over the weekend.

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The weekend is around the corner and it is time to consider what to drink for enjoyment at various events over the coming days.

So The Sip has looked at four circumstances for enjoying a brew and suggested beers that might suit the occasion.

The list will change each week.

Stick with The Sip for news on the brews we choose and remember to consumer your beers responsibly.


Night on the town
Fat Yak
For many traditional beer drinkers this drop from Matilda Bay was the entry to craft beer. It remains a staple on the taps at many popular pubs alongside the mass-produced lagers. But it gives those lovers of flavoursome beers an alternative. It has a great hoppy and citrus taste. There is a bit of stone fruit in the mix, too. There is a pleasantly smooth finish after a great mouthfeel. Fat Yak is much better in draught form and remains a delight for those visiting a few pubs in one pleasant evening.
Alcohol: 4.7 percent. 1.3 standard drinks (345ml).

Watching sport on TV
Cavalier Brown
Those lucky enough to partake in Good Beer Week in Melbourne earlier this month got to learn plenty about this tasty tipple from the men who proudly put it together. This also comes in a 500ml bottle which means you don’t have to miss too much action on the screen to fetch another drink. The Cavalier Brewing team have got the mix of chocolate and caramel flavours just right. One doesn’t overpower the other. There is also a spread of roasted nuts. Cavalier Brown has plenty of malt and a bitter finish that just encourages punters to try one more.
Alcohol: 5 per cent. 2 standard drinks (500ml).

For the dinner party
Beaten Track Brewery Gibb River Rye
There are few better places on earth to quench a thirst than Kalgoorlie-Boulder. So it is fitting that Beaten Track Brewery is giving patrons of the WA Goldfields some great examples of craft beer. And the good news is that their products have been seen a lot lately in the big city. Beaten Track Brewery haven’t spared on the Galaxy hops in this sweet number. A great sense of passionfruit, but there is taste of grain and maybe even a bit of Gibb River water on the palate. It comes in a 640ml bottle with a windmill on the label that should be a good conversation starter at the table. Well worth walking off the beaten track to try. Only 22 IBU.
Alcohol: 4.7 per cent. 2.5 standard drinks (640ml)

Out to impress
Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA
As the label suggests this drop has more hops than a paddock full of kangaroos. But this is a brew based on the beautifully rich cones growing in Oregon. Rogue’s John Maier decided to throw as many as he could into this IPA that continues the great trend on the western side on the US. It also has three types of malts meaning 7 Hop doesn’t lake any flavour. As a result of all the floral input there is plenty of resin in this beer. There is pine and grass on the nose but despite all that is packed into the bottle it is a very enjoyable beer. And that fact that it comes from across the world will be enough to grab the appreciation of those in your drinking circle.
Alcohol: 8 per cent. 4 standard drinks (650ml)

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