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The Tip - Friday s Foursome Fix (clone 1400215072)
The Tip - Friday's Foursome Fix (clone 1400215072)

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis gives some ideas on what to consume over the weekend.

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The weekend is around the corner and it is time to consider what to drink for enjoyment at various events over the coming days.

So The Sip has looked at four circumstances for enjoying a brew and suggested beers that might suit the occasion.

The list will change each week.

Stick with The Sip for news on the brews we choose and remember to consumer your beers responsibly.


Night on the town
Australian Brewery The Pale Ale
Yes, you can have a few cans on a Friday night and still enjoy some craft beer. The Australian Brewery hasn’t just gone aluminium, they’ve given their vessel a thin shape that still holds 355ml. This drop has a nice hoppy aroma and crisp taste that includes some cantaloupe. The Pale Ale also has only a slight bitterness so overall it remains a very refreshing drink. Don’t let the can deter you.
Alcohol: 4.8%. 1.4 standard drinks.

Watching sport on TV:
Little Creatures Pilsner
The master craft brewer has been renowned for making some complex beers, such as their Pale Ale and recent India Pale Ale. But the Pilsner is a little more relaxed. And that helps it become a great beer for a session. There is a light malt tinge that follows a grassy, straw aroma. It is very crisp with a touch of citrus on the tongue. Adding to its appeal is a light finish.
Alcohol: 4.6%. 1.2 standard drinks.

For the dinner party
Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale
Australia’s first taste of the Californian brewer was its Pale Ale. That beverage was renowned for its wonderful taste and texture. Well, the Red Trolley Ale is a more than adequate follow-up for local palates. There is a superb aroma of caramalised malts. It has a pleasant sweetness, toffee flavours and a sensationally light sensation on the back of the tongue. What makes it appealing to friends is the wonderful red colour. It should lure them in. But you’ll provide a fight to keep their hands off your brew.
Alcohol: 5.8%. 1.6 standard drinks.

Out to impress
Burleigh Brewing Hassle Hop
The bottle alone is enough to start a conversation. Hassle Hop has a very bright label on its 650ml shape. It looks like something special. And it is. The brew was the product of a one-off batch for a Great Australasian Beer Spectapular. But it was so well received the brewer decided to keep the drop on the conveyor belt. The team at Burleigh Brewing decided to use five types of hops in the drink. A great floral burst for the nose. There is pine and stone fruit among a wealth of flavours. Anyone would be impressed.
Alcohol: 5.5%. 2.8 standard drinks.

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