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The Sip #22 - Eagle Bay Pale Ale
The Sip #22 - Eagle Bay Pale Ale

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's top drops to the test.

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West Australians used to flock to the south west to escape.

Now the masses in Perth can go on a drive just past Dunsborough and journey all the way to the shores of the United States.

Eagle Bay Brewing Company has become a must-visit location on any trip to the Margaret River region.

If it isn’t the beer, and that is a good enough reason, there are wines and superb food on offer. And it is all about local produce. The area has plenty of wonderful ingredients so there is a superb range of culinary delights.

The company’s Pale Ale is one in particular.

If you do get the opportunity to sip this beer on the south coast beaches your conscience may wonder across the globe to the sands of San Diego.

The Pale Ale is actually based on the American style and the heavy but far from overbearing floral and piney influence on this beer will please the hopheads.

If you like Sierra Nevada’s or Karl Strauss’ take on the Pale Ale art-form, you’ll quickly fall for this local version.

The Eagle Bay Brewing Company’s brew has impressive head retention, a striking aroma from the hops and a wonderfully refreshing mandarin flavour.

It has a silky mouthfeel, maybe a result of the company using rainwater in its products. And there is biscuit in the malt.

Eagle Bay’s chief brewer Nick d’Espeissis spent some time with 4 Pines Brewery in Sydney and his Pale Ale reminds of the version also manufactured in Manly.

The WA version is an outstanding sessional beer, whether you’re drinking it locally or enjoying a mind-trip to the other side of the world.

The Sip Snip
Eagle Bay Pale Ale
Brewer: Eagle Bay Brewing Company, WA
Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol content: 5.1%
Standard drinks: 1.3
Bitterness: N/A
Bottles: 330ml bottles
Estimated calories: 153
The Sip Tip (rating): Worthy of a special occasion.

Average prices: $5 (bottle), $10.50 (pint at Eagle Bay Brewing Company)

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