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Outlook sunny for choc lovers

Seven News Perth weather presenter Angela Tsun eats chocolate only on days ending with "y". Perugina's Baci, Cadbury Fruit & Nut and Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin, Whittakers' coconut block and Ferrero's Rafaello are favourites. Just one or two pieces after dinner every night . . . but she broke her rule to sample novelty bunnies for breakfast as part of Fresh's annual Easter taste test.

"I've always liked chocolate treats for Easter," she said. "I'm not big on creme eggs, though, and it's a bit of a tradition for me to make rocky road for family and friends. I use Nestle milk chocolate with Pascall marshmallows, nuts, desiccated coconut and Turkish delight."

Tsun tasted her way through 22 milk chocolates, ranging from gluten/dairy/ preservative/nut/artificial colour-free options with barely any sugar to a budget line from The Reject Shop and an expensive little bunny from Koko Black in Claremont. For $3 (200g), the Reject Shop rabbit was better than some. Her favourite was the Ferrero Rocher bunny, followed by Mars' Maltesers Malteaster bunny bar and Koko Black's tiny "hazelnut trio".

"If I got the Malteaster bar in an Easter egg hunt, I'd be pretty happy," she said. "It tastes just like Maltesers, with good chocolate and a nice crunch."

She's a natural, her foodie background sealed growing up in a family with a grandfather who owned a Chinese restaurant in Sydney, where she started her career on Foxtel's Weather Channel in 2002 while doing her degree in science communications at the University of New South Wales. These days she's a familiar face on TV, with appearances across several timeslots, including news anchor for the 4.30pm bulletin and weather on the 6pm news. "When it comes to weather, the key is to keep it light and informative," she said. "People want to know the basics - whether it's going to rain or if we're in for a beautiful, sunny day."

On the horizon is marriage to Western Force star player Patrick Dellit, who popped the question to Tsun, 31, in February. "We've settled on a date in November," she said.

The proposal touched on her part-Asian heritage, with Dellit slipping a "will you marry me" written on a piece of paper into a fortune cookie, which Tsun cracked in half and started eating before she read the message inside. "I couldn't answer straight away because I had a mouthful of cookie," she said.

Olga de Moeller

The West Australian

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