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Lip of The Sip - Monk has a beer with Dunken
Lip of The Sip - Monk has a beer with Dunken

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis casts his eye over the kegs from here and abroad.

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Slim Dusty sang about his love for a beer with Duncan.

Now the crew at Monk Brewery in Fremantle are giving us all the chance to do so, too – even if it is actually Dunken. But it sounds the same.

Uncle Dunken is the latest on tap at the port establishment, part of its seasonal range.

It is Dark Wheat Beer or what is also called a “DunkelWeiss”.

According to the Monk team it is a yeast driven beer, fermented at warmer temperatures than most Ales, giving the Dunkel banana and clove aromas.

“It is sweet on the palate with a subtle yet well balanced malt profile,” says he Monk Brewing facebook page.

Maybe it was the alcohol that got to a few drinkers this week.

Then again, it was April Fools Day.

A couple of local breweries and one from overseas got up to some hijinx on Tuesday and some fell for their “news”.

Feral Brewing sent shockwaves through parts of the industry with the claim they were producing a cider called Feral Beral. And it would come in a can.

Then Nail Brewing got into the act with its press release that it was putting beer lines and taps into almost 200 local homes so they could automatically have their brews delivered to thirsty punters.

And later Stone Brewing Co. tried to convince us they were releasing a beer filled with helium.

While all three are great ideas, they were declared nothing more than a bit of good fun.

However, a couple were celebrating with their own brews after some got sucked in by the media releases.

Speaking of cans, has Mornington Peninsular Brewery started to lead craft beers along the aluminium trail?

MP Brew, as it is more commonly known, has packed its pale ale into the vessels in a bid to increase its appeal.

Brooklyn-based brewery Sixpoint has been putting its products into cans for a while and Rogue have also jumped into the space with their American Amber Ale. Founders are also following the trend.

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