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The Sip #13 - Barrique Okarma
The Sip #13 - Barrique Okarma

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's top drops to the test.

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Only problem with a review on this rare drop is that by the time you finish reading it would have disap……

Craft beer connoisseurs have been waiting almost 12 months to get their lips on this brew from Feral.

There is a concern it won’t last 12 days on the shelves.

Feral has included Barrique Okarma in their Brewbup series and it will only be available in packaged form in selected outlets. But it is worth hunting down, especially if you can get from the tap.

Although it was only released last week its strong reputation was forged at last year’s Great Australian Beer Spectapular at which it was judged the brewer’s choice.

So what was an experimental brew for show has become a keenly anticipated jewel of juice.

The background for Barrique Okarma is a 6.5 per cent alcohol Black India Pale Ale.

Yet this is a multi-senses blast that takes the drinker to a new level on enjoyment. Indeed, Barrique Okarma is fit for a president and a brilliant constructed name.

The barrique represents fermentation in toasted French oak wine barrels. And the Okarma is homage to the Karma Citra hops that Feral use with such confidence.

This beer presents chocolate on the nose with a sharp sense of hops at the front. And there is the undertone of the barrel that helped its formation.

The citrus cuts through on the sip giving a pleasant sting on the tongue and there is a sharp sugary finish.

It is highly recommended to let this beer settle in the glass for a few minutes before tasting. There is a nice vanilla essence once the brew gets slightly warmer.

Many would never have tried an absorbing beverage such as this. And it you don’t get your hands on it in a hurry you will sadly miss out on a superb experience.

The Sip Snip
Barrique Okarma
Brewer: Feral Brewing Co, Baskerville, WA
Style: Black India Pale Ale
Alcohol content: 6.5%
Standard drinks: 1.7
Bitterness: 48 IBU
Hops: Karma Citra
Bottles: 330ml
Estimated calories: 195
The Sip Tip (rating): Worthy of a very special occasion

Average prices: $7 a bottle.

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