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The Lip - Three cheers for Carlton Draught
The Lip - Three cheers for Carlton Draught

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis casts his eye over the kegs from here and abroad.

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By traditional definition one of Australia’s most popular beers is celebrating its sesquicentennial in 2014.

The crew at Carlton Draught like to refer to it as their “Amber Jubilee” anniversary.

And it will be the loyal drinkers that will be getting the presents to mark an outstanding achievement in brewing.

As part of a year-long homage to the famous red label there will be prizes for drinkers as Carlton and United Brewers strive to lift the sales of their beverage in pubs.

Submitting your best front bar tales is one of the competitions on offer.

CUB general manager of marketing Andrew Meldrum said Carlton Draught was synonymous was some of the country’s greatest watering holes.

“As Australians, we go to pubs to connect, either with other locals or with the friendly staff. The front bar of the pub is the most egalitarian place in our egalitarian nation,” Meldrum said.

“Whether you’re a barrister or a brickie, we’re all equal when we share a draught beer at the pub. For 150 years, that’s what Carlton Draught has stood for, and long may that tradition continue.”

See one of the Carlton Draught anniversary commercials

Later this year, Carlton Draught will be releasing a limited edition heritage brew to be available in selected pubs nationwide and will be throwing public events in nominated pubs across the country so communities can come together and celebrate - Carlton Clydesdales and all.

“Back when it all started – in 1864 – whilst there was still debate over whether Melbourne should be called Melbourne or Batmania, you could rely on freshly brewed beer in wooden kegs from the Carlton brewery being carted around town by a team of Clydesdales,” Meldrum said.

“Since then we’ve seen the invention of the motorcar, Federation, two world wars, and man walk on the moon, but through it all, you’ve always been able to enjoy brewery fresh Carlton Draught down at your local – and we reckon that’s cause for celebration.”

The brand has been renowned for its commercials of late, especial the Big Beer and Beer Chase varieties. And in keeping with tradition Carlton Draught are planning an airwaves blitz. Catch the latest instalment below.

See the Carlton Draught advertisement

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