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The Sip #12 - Mango Beer
The Sip #12 - Mango Beer

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's top drops to the test.

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One of the great elements to craft brewing in recent times is the experimentation.

The wonderful smorgasbord of beers at Melbourne’s annual Great Australian Beer Spectapular, yes that is with a p, encourages our best tipple tantalisers to try different elements in their beers.

While some might be a bit whacky the use of a particular local and popular produce by Matso’s is a perfect choice for an establishment based in Broome.

Their Mango beer gives you a taste of the tropics no matter where you are.

As soon as you open the bottle, or are lucky enough to dip the nose into a glass, the aroma of the famous stone fruit tickles the senses.

Matso’s Mango Beer pours virtually see-through with light golden bubbles, almost transporting the lucky drinker to the northern WA coast.

There isn’t a great amount of malt or hops in the taste but a nice touch of sugar.

Make no mistake, this brew lives up to its name. But it could also be deemed to be deviation from Belgian with its blonde-type beers.

A blind taster could also think this was a cider and it could be a way for the fairer gender to dip a toe into the craft beer water.

And as you take a sip you can sit back and think you’re watching the water on Cable Beach.

The Sip Snip
Mango Beer
Brewer: Matso’s Broome Brewery, WA
Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol content: 4.5%
Standard drinks: 1.3
Bitterness: N/A but very light.
Bottles: 330ml
Estimated calories: 135
The Sip Tip (rating): Up for a try

Average prices: $72/carton (24). $22/six-pack. $5/bottle

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