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The Sip #7 - Tap King
The Sip #7 - Tap King

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's favourite drops to the test.

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The man cave is finally complete.

While the big boys’ retreat has become the domain for a quiet beer with mates it has lacked one vital ingredient — until now.

The pub has finally come to the home with Lion, Australia’s largest brewer, devising the Tap King. The master of the house can at last enjoy a draught beer, like those at the local, from within his corner of the world and without having to travel or fork out crazy prices for a pint.

Tap King’s principle is basic and that’s its appeal. Simply get a Tap King head dispenser (about $30 at most liquor outlets), chill one of the six varieties of kegs on offer for at least nine hours, connect the two and you have your own bar without leaving the front door.

According to Lion, 69 per cent of beer drinking takes place at home. And Tap King will now satisfy the thirst for a draught pour with its six drops — XXXX Gold, Hahn SuperDry, James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale, James Boag’s Premium, Tooheys New and Tooheys Extra Dry.

The 3.2-litre kegs are sold in twin packs so you can have one chilling as an immediate replacement in case the original runs dry.

A speared keg is expected to last 21 days in the fridge but it is highly unlikely you’ll need to stretch it that long. A double of the XXXX Gold will set you back about $35, the James Squires are about $52.

While Lionel Richie might more akin to the lady of the home he is right about the men’s-only room when he asks in the Tap King commercial: “Is it me you’re looking for.”

Not any more. Problem solved. Straight to the cool room.

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