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The Sip #6 - Cricketers Arms Lager
The Sip #6 - Cricketers Arms Lager

Long-time beer drinker Ross Lewis puts some of Australia's favourite drops to the test.

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Brewing giant Asahi thought the Cricketers Arms brand was a good catch.

Early last year the Japanese company bought the brand that was spawned in Melbourne and quickly gained a following around the Yarra region.

At the top of the Cricketers Arms was a pale lager but the company has since added a golden variety to the partnership.

The original had a long and successful innings at the iconic St Kilda bayside restaurant, Stokehouse, before it burned to the ground earlier this year.

While there is an unmistakable lager taste to this beer, the Cricketers Arms original doesn’t quite hit the drinker for a six.

The tipple is brewed a little longer than traditional Australian lagers and it does provide a drier taste.

And while it has a satisfactory mouthfeel, this drop, which is made from sun-dried Australian malt, lacks punch.

There is a slight aroma of citrus and it does have a pleasant finish but it is difficult to detect the Amarillo hops.

It might satisfy the thirst after a long stay at the crease yet Cricketers Arms Lager doesn’t provide the edge in taste.

Best served in a cool mug or glass.

The Sip Snip
Cricketers Arms Lager
Brewer: Sundance Brewing International, Melbourne
Style: Pale lager
Alcohol content: 4.6%
Standard drinks: 1.2
Bitterness: N/A
Bottles: 330ml
Hops: Amarillo
Estimated calories: 138
The Sip Tip (rating): If you're keen

Average prices: $51/carton. $17.50/six-pack.

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