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How to grow bromeliads and air plants
Picture: Guru Productions Tillandsias look great on backing boards.

Be adventurous and try growing bromeliads and air plants.

These amazing plants do well in shaded positions and exceptionally well in the under-canopy of a tree.

They grow with a little sphagnum moss or coco peat packed around roots, and then take nutrient from fallen leaf litter to grow.

They produce the most spectacular flower displays and starting a great collection is as simple as contacting

They can be grown incredibly effectively on backing boards. Many tillandsias (or air plants, as they are known) are actually glued to cork or fibre backing boards with no soil around their roots at all, while other bromeliads can thrive with a small amount of compost or coco peat packed around the roots, which are tied to the board in much the same way a stag or elk fern is.

Varieties such as old man's whiskers or beard will grow off branches in slightly moist areas under trees and create incredible features when used in hanging baskets in shadehouses and under pergolas.