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A younger-looking decolletage
A younger-looking decolletage

If your decolletage is starting to look a bit weathered, here are some ways to firm, smooth and plump your way to younger-looking skin.

Summer is the time the decolletage is more exposed than usual and it’s often at this time that women notice damage. But Le Beau day spa director Karen Skewes said as tempting as it was to rush into a course of treatment, the height of summer was not ideal.

“I always say, after Easter is the best time to come in and we’ll have a look at peels, microdermabrasion and IPL for the area. Unless you’re hyper-vigilant about staying out of the sun then these treatments are probably best left until the weather cools a little,” she said.

Until then, the key is prevention and, according to Ms Skewes, Australian women should be going for medical-grade suncreams such as Actinica Lipsomal and Aspect Dr.

“Most of the beating that the decolletage takes from the sun is when you’re driving,” Ms Skewes said.
“You need a sunscreen that blocks UVB as well as the UVA rays because it’s these rays that will get through glass like your windscreen and damage your skin.”

Phone 9331 1122 to book.

LED Light treatment
For a sun-damaged decolletage a course of LED light treatment could be beneficial, said Francesca Perino from mi:skn holistic skin. “It improves collagen growth in the area, reduces fine lines, dehydration, redness and freckling,” she said.
“In conjunction with LED light treatment we also recommend daily application of Medik8’s Firma Derma Serum to improve the condition and appearance of skin in the neck and decolletage.”

LED treatments are $75 each and the Medik8 serum is $65.56. Call 0414 277 761 to book.

The Skinvigor8 SilcSkin Facial and Decollette Pads are worn on the decolletage each night. Made of medical-grade silicone commonly used to treat scar tissue, the pads flatten out existing skin wrinkles.
“The silicone has also been shown to hydrate the skin by drawing the skin’s own moisture to the surface,” said Sally Krieger from Skinvigor8.

Each pad costs $49.50 and lasts 30-60 days. Phone: (07) 5492 6767.

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