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  • Serves: 8 *

_Mustard _

  • 6 tbsp yellow mustard seeds *

  • 1 tbsp honey *

  • 1 carton of dark beer (not stout) *

_Burgers _

  • oil, for frying *

  • 8 small wholegrain buns *

  • 2-3 goat sausages (or lamb, game) *

  • 1 cup fermented cabbage (buy sauerkraut in the tin), drain well *

  •   *

Place mustard seeds in a mortar and pestle the living daylights out of them. When ground fine, add honey and mix to a paste. Add enough beer to make a smooth, spreadable paste (about 40ml). Drink the rest! The mustard will improve over the next 7-10 days as the flavours integrate. For burgers. With wet hands, roll sausage meat into small balls. Press flat so they are the same diameter as the buns and 1cm thick. Oil a frypan and cook gently until just done. They should be moist. Use same pan to toast the buns, cut side down. Spread mustard on bottom half of buns, put a patty on top and then a little drained sauerkraut. Secure top of the bun with a big bamboo cocktail skewer or toothpick.

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