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  • Makes approx 2 litres (one part being 200ml) *

_Sour part _

  • juice of 10 lemons (approx 200ml) *

  • _Sweet part _ *

  • 1/2 cup of lemon and orange sherbet (take lemon *

  • and orange zests and leave them to marinate *

  • in caster sugar with a splash of rum overnight) *

  • 100ml dusty bottle of herbal or fruit liqueur *

  • (Benedictine, Drambuie or orange liqueur) *

  • _Strong part _ *

  • 300ml strong rum (Bundaberg or any Thai *

  • or Philippine holiday rum is ideal) *

  • 300ml cooking brandy or similar *

  • _Weak part _ *

  • 800ml cold tea (a strong mixture of green and *

  • Earl Grey chilled overnight is the way to go) *

  •   *

Combine the above in a large bowl with lots of seasonal fruit and add ice. To serve, ladle into old- fashioned ornate glasses and add a splash of sparkling wine and a grating of nutmeg.

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