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Not all oils are the same
Not all oils are the same

Not all oils are the same, with many being poor quality.

Fish do not produce omega-3. It's produced through photosynthesis and is then eaten by lots of small sea animals.

A fish will then eat lots of them in turn and thus concentrate the omega-3 within their flesh.

With this in mind, you can understand that wild-harvested fish will be better than farmed fish (which are fed pellets often boosted with antibiotics).

We also want a short-lived fish as research shows that the longer an animal lives in the ocean the greater the concentration of pollutants.

So mulies, for instance are great because they are a short-lived oily fish that is wild harvested.

The other problem I see is that, when a manufacturer concentrates the omega-3 in fish oil, it has to take out some of the other omega oils (omega-6 and 9).

I try not to plug over-the-counter supplement brands in this column but I think it will help you to know that my preference in this area is BioCeuticals EPA/DHA.

As for oils versus capsules, in a capsule the oils are protected from oxidisation by the airtight capsule.

Further, as a guide, krill oil is best for treating high cholesterol, fish oil for hormonal, skin and inflammation issues.

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