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Duchess debuts new look
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Picture: Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge has appeared in public with a revamped "eighties-inspired" look.

Catherine, the wife of Prince William, has appeared at the opening of the Natural History Museum's Treasure exhibition in London sporting a heavy fringe and flicks in her famous mane.

British tabloid Daily Mail has compared her new style, which she teamed with a retro-style green dress, to those sported by Prince's late mother Diana and seventies star Farah Fawcett.

Her look has also been compared to those made popular during the seventies and eighties.

Her new style is likely to be copied by thousands of women worldwide who view the Duchess as a fashion icon.

Hairstylists around the world have reported an increase in customers asking for the "Kate look" since her wedding last year which drew a worldwide audience.

Her famous locks also drew interest from a child during her recent visit to Singapore with the 15-year-old quizzing the royal on how she keeps her hair "so perfect".

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