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Daniel Craig. Picture: Getty Images

Daniel Craig says James Bond's style is very important to him.

Craig, who plays the legendary 007 spy character in the most recent movie Skyfall, says Bond's sense of style is what makes him who he is.

"[Bond's style] is very, very important to me," Craig told MTV News.

"I'm a huge believer that the look and feel, a lot of that has to do with the clothes people wear."

The star continued to explain why the Bond costume is so iconic. The formal suits and tuxedos seen on all the actors who have played the smooth ladies' man have evolved alongside fashion over the years.

Sean Connery portrayed Bond in Crombie coats and trilby hats, while Craig was assisted by former Gucci frontman Tom Ford.

"Certainly, we were lucky enough to have Tom Ford involved with the movie. He decided these amazing suits for everybody in the movie," Craig said.

"Jany, our costume designer, did a beautiful job. A Bond movie isn't a Bond movie without that kind of style."

Skyfall releases in Australia on November 22.

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