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Time to shape up
There are plenty of body-sculpting treatments on offer

Changes to your body shape during the winter months are easier to ignore under layers of clothing but once you start stripping off for the warmer season you could be in for a few unpleasant surprises. Now is a good time to check out some of the treatments available to help you regain the body shape you prefer.


Needing to firm some wobbly areas without surgery?

Thermage could be for you. This non-invasive treatment contours skin in a single treatment with no surgery, no injections, and very little downtime.

"Thermage kickstarts the skin's natural renewal process, which helps tighten existing collagen and stimulates new collagen production. Visible results are often immediate and improve over time. Measurable tightening and contouring improvements appear gradually over a two to six-month time period following a single treatment," explained Maysa Abu Laban from the Al Nour Clinic in West Perth.

The treatment takes about two hours and is suitable for the whole body, including neck, face, eyes and thighs.

Thermage is available at Al Nour Clinic in West Perth, Dermedica Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Scarborough and Argera Anti-Ageing Centre in Joondalup.


If it's stubborn fat you want to move, a surgical option could be more for you.

Glenn Murray, from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine in Nedlands, recommends the VASER 2.0; an ultrasound probe used prior to a liposculpture/liposuction procedure which vibrates and heats the area to release fat and tighten the skin.

"It is great for any region but especially for tough fat such as the chest/breast, back and bra strap, tummy and inner thigh (especially for the looser skin in these areas)," Dr Murray said.

Alternately, Coolsculpting is a non-surgical way of reducing fat.

"This freezes and selectively kills fat cells in the smaller to medium rolls. This option is especially good for the tummy and love handles."


Sodashi founder Megan Larsen says that as summer approaches, it's time to invest in two to three contouring body therapies.

"For soft and enlivened skin, choose treatments that flush out toxins from the body and exfoliate the skin like Bodhi J Natural and Organic Day Spa in Wembley's Sodashi Detoxifying Marine Wrap," Ms Larsen said.

The treatment involves exfoliating the body with Sodashi products; firstly with Organic Green Tea and Dead Sea Salts, then the Marine Body Mask is applied and finally the body is covered in a detoxifying wrap made of sea plants, algae, marine minerals and plant essences. A relaxing scalp massage is included, and the treatment finishes with a lotion application.


According to Francesca Perino, founder of mi:skn in Highgate and specialised cosmetic acupuncturist, cellulite and fluid retention are due to poor circulation and drainage but can also be connected to hormonal or health issues.

Acupuncture for cellulite aims to correct the body's tendency to accumulate fat deposits.

"During the session, we needle body acupuncture points to treat the constitution, as well as local points on the affected areas. The local points aid circulation and drainage. The acupuncture treatment is followed by a cupping massage to break down fatty tissue, which will then be removed by the body's improved lymphatic function," Ms Perino said.

She advises one treatment a week for at least 10 weeks, to see results, and says treatments work best on those already on a good diet and exercise plan, and women who are no more than 5kg overweight. The treatment is intended for people who are doing all the right things but still cannot shift the cellulite.

'For soft and enlivened skin, choose treatments that flush out toxins from the body

and exfoliate the skin.'

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