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Have fun with your nails this season

How do you know spring has arrived? Colour is everywhere. And this season your nails will be in on the action. Mind&Body has scoured the hottest nail bars in Perth looking for the key trends for nails and where to find the best nail bar experience.

This spring, go for bright pastel and neon colours in your polish.

"Neons are very big for spring," said The Nail Depot owner Catherine Shales.

Wendy Michetti, owner of Museo Day Spa, agreed.

"Everything's really bright - it's either pastels or fluros," she said.

Therapists at ISIKA Hair and Body Bar recommend pastel green, purple and orange.

Adding to the quirky flavour of spring nails is Head Studio's new nail bar, POP, which specialises in freehand nail art.

These are anti-establishment nails. Each finger can be a different colour or can have their own work of art - from cupcakes, to firework-like bright bursts of colour on each nail. Anything goes.

"Nail art is following fun things, but also on-trend stuff - fun things might be some ice-cream nail art or cupcake nail art and things like that," Head Studio's Mark Cain said.

"A lot of clients are going out multicoloured."

But it's not all radical looks. At The Nail Depot many clients opt for elegant foiling and glitter work, according to Mrs Shales.

Museo supervisor Jasmin Osborne attributes the adventurous nail attitude to fashion. Images in glossy magazines show nails that are just as much a part of the fashion statement as clothes, hair and make-up.

"With new and exciting colours, nail art and products - it is making it very attractive to clients to book in for a mani or pedi," Ms Osborne said.

POP nail artist Imogen Adams agreed.

"People are now recognising nails as more of a fashion statement - it really does add something to your overall look."

The great thing about pampering your nails is that it won't break the bank. Prices vary depending on the type of manicure, from $15 for a basic file buff and polish at POP to full manicures, gel work and nail art for around $60 at nail salons around town.

Maintain your nails every two to four weeks and the consensus from the experts we spoke to was that shorter to medium-length nails were the look of the season.

"Most seem to be going to a medium length this spring with a smooth, square shape," ISIKA's Michelle Guanzon said.

Ms Osborne said people were going to salons because the quality of the manicure and colour range available were so good. Ms Guanzon agreed.

"A quick manicure and simple touch-up will leave you confident and ready to party," she said.

Polishes used at the salons include Essie at ISIKA, China Glaze and OPI at The Nail Depot, Butter London, custom Chanel, OPI and Miss Frou Frou at Head Studio and OPI at Museo. Shellac - the fast-drying and long-lasting nail care and colour system was also very popular.

Lots of salons offer basic or express options for manicures if you're short on time, as well as more luxurious experiences, should clients want to be pampered.

Why the nail salons love Shellac

Fast drying and long lasting, Shellac is

what the salons love for convenience and quality. "It produces a shine that never leaves," Wendy Michetti said.

Mark Cain at Head Studio said Shellac was great for anyone who was time poor, as

they knew their nails were going to stay

on for a bit of time.

Catherine Shales also uses a hard gel system in her salon, which she said was quick to

dry, taking the worry out of smudging

and chipping nails once

leaving the salon.

Expert Tips

Want to rock the hottest nails this spring? We asked the salon experts for their top tips:

1. Go bright

Make a statement with a bright neon or fluro.

2. Colour with pastels

Pastels are a good alternative if you're not the fluro type - try smoky pink or blue polish.

3. Buy these

Nicole McPheat from Museo said OPI polishes On Collins, Dutch Tulips and You're a Pisa Work were her favourite nails colours for spring.

4. Get Creative

Nail art, glitter, mismatched colours - anything goes this spring. Combine pastels or brights with a glitter nail or a cupcake on your pinky.

5. Let your feet play

Catherine Shales at The Nail Depot suggested colour gloss on your toes while Wendy Michetti from Museo recommended teaming a bright pedicure with coloured sandals.

Only the Best

Find a salon that is willing to go the extra mile for you. Book yourself in for milkshake and manicure Fridays at Head Studio, or get a group of friends together and hit the champagne pedicure lounge or vintage sweets buffet at Museo.

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