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Matronic uses Minogue as her style guide
Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters

Singer Ana Matronic looks to Kylie Minogue for style inspiration.

The 38-year-old Scissor Sisters frontwoman is known for her eclectic style and stand-out burlesque fashion.

Rather than worrying about getting older, she takes others in the industry - such as the 44-year-old Australian pop star - as a guide.

"I look at ladies in the business like Kylie and think, 'If she can wear that, so can I!'" Matronic has told the British Edition of Marie Claire.

"I've always endeavoured to be classic. I see people who look really trendy and go, 'Girl, you'll look back in six months and wonder, what was I thinking?'"

The singer is known for her 'robot arm' tattoo, which adorns her right shoulder.

Despite admitting she wouldn't opt for the same designs now, Matronic has no regrets.

"If I were to get tattoos now I would probably get different ones but I do see them as a marker of my life," she says.

Although she admits she is happy she didn't do a full robotic arm, "that was the original plan."

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