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Isabella Rossellini.

Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini thinks her signature style is reflective of her organised imagination.

Rossellini, 60, has talked about her typical wardrobe choices. She says her signature style has been determined by working in the fashion industry for so long.

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"Minimalist, with an organised imagination," she told French magazine Figaro Madame.

"Not too many prints, but white, grey, beige, black. This is because of my taste for sobriety and as well, I think, because of my years as a top model.

"In New York, fashion professionals are all dressed in black to avoid reflections during a shooting in studio."

Rossellini likes mixing and matching pieces, and says you can do so with ease with a neutral colour palette.

The actress-and-model also strives to dress age-appropriately - avoiding particularly "young" designs.

"Plain colours are also very useful to travel: with 10 items of clothing, you can create 40 combinations without any trouble," she said.

"I still have some regrets that only few designers think about women of my age. I wish to be elegant, without looking like a young girl, and this is not that easy."

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