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How colours affect your mood
Colours can have a big impact

We are surrounded by it in every way, so learn how to maximise colour in your home.

Here is how colour affects your mood.


Associated with life itself, and represents newness, naivete and birth. Green also has a whimsical, fun nature and is seen as talkative and stimulating to conversation.


Orange is warming and uplifting, as in the softer energy found in the last rays of sunset. It relates to our entire life cycle as the colour of Autumn, symbolic of the end of life.


When associated with liquid, blue represents the soft lapping of waves or the running of a clear mountain stream. As the air we breathe, blue is fresh and vital, reminding us of the clarity of a sunlit day under azure skies.


White is "up in the air," as in marching clouds. It has associations of an upward "heavenly" motion and is pure as the driven snow, innocent in its ultimate nature.


Black is the "forever" colour - forever night, forever faithful, forever formal. It's a colour that can inspire fear through its association with nothingness, but can also feel calming due to its solid, orderly and definite appeal.


Yellow is associated with "higher powers," of things greater than we mere humans. Yellow relates to intellectualism, random thought and innocent happiness.


Red reigns! The colour that calls on powerful emotions, either love or hate, red is the arbiter of our deepest feelings.


Grey can feel warm or cool or no temperature at all. It represents "the rock," therefore solidity and support. Grey is nondescript, just grey and nameless. The colour of the wallflower, grey is also the colour of wisdom and longevity.


Brown is the Protector, the "Earth Mother" to us all. Security and contentment are found in brown. Brown shelters us from the storms of life.

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