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Rob Broadfield samples a special dessert prepared by Red Cabbage chef-owner Scott O'Sullivan. Picture: Astrid Volzke/The West Australian

Restaurateurs and bar owners have spent millions of dollars on new establishments in Perth, particularly in the past year, contributing significantly to West Australians' more-discerning dining habits.

The West Australian Good Food Guide editor Rob Broadfield said venues including The Heritage Brasserie and The Trustee as well as Rockpool, Nobu and the soon-to-be-opened Bistro Guillaume at Crown had helped raise the bar with food and beverages, and Perth diners would reap the benefits of these changes.

"These restaurants have changed everything," Broadfield said.

"All of a sudden we're seeing quality and service like we've never seen before.

"We don't stack up yet anywhere close to Melbourne or Sydney in terms of that professionalism right through the business, but golly it's been a huge mark up this year."

The 2013 guide, to be released this month, will feature restaurants whose owners are committed to delivering the best.

"The great news is we now have so many new, fabulous restaurants in Perth and we've captured them all in the book," Broadfield said.

Eighteen reviewers – nearly double the amount of previous years – spent three months trying more than 300 restaurants, cafes and bars.

"It was challenging because there were so many newcomers," Broadfield said.

"There's been a shift in the restaurant scene in Perth so to try and capture that [in the book] was really important."

Some restaurants that had been included in the guide over the past two years may have missed out in the latest edition.

"It's all about comparison – it's a league table essentially and if better ones come in over the top of the lesser-good ones then they're going to drop off the list."

About 14 of the restaurants reviewed were not included in the guide because "they just didn't cut the mustard".

"In some cases we went back twice to make sure we got it right - and we did - and they were sort of relegated, which is a pity for them," Broadfield said.

Reviews for the 2013 The West Australian Good Food Guide started in late April.

"We try and compress as much as possible into the last part of the year so that the book is as current as possible," Broadfield said.

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