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Four Seasons Resorts Jimbaran Bay. Picture: Four Seasons

A spa treatment at a Balinese resort is using the power of water, salt and crystals to guide guests towards wellness and peace of mind.

Four Seasons' Jimbaran Bay resort spa has introduced water-inspired treatments that acknowledge the "healing and cleansing powers" of water.

"The spa honours the importance of water in traditional Balinese cultural ceremonies," a resort spokesperson said.

"Treatments use the power of water to restore negative ions, bringing balance to emotions and energy levels."

The spa's new concept was developed by Four Seasons' senior director of spas for the Asia Pacific region, Helen Norman, who has nearly two decades of industry experience.

There are 11 treatment rooms, including three suites for couples and three beachfront pavilions - bales - which are used for "select rituals", while a bar serves guests tonics and herbal elixirs.

"The human body's magnetic field is made up of both positive and negative ions," Ms Norman said.

"Over-exposure to positive ions - caused by electrical equipment such as computers and mobile phones - can affect our magnetic field and drain energy, making us feel tired and lethargic.

Four Seasons Resorts Jimbaran Bay. Pictures: Four Seasons

"However, water in motion produces abundant negative ions, bringing more energy and vitality."

Ms Norman said the Jimbaran Bay resort's location near the ocean was perfect because it was so rich in negative ions.

"With two spas in Bali, Four Seasons reflects the two sides of Balinese spiritual philosophy - balancing the external and internal worlds," a spokesperson said.

"At the beachside Jimbaran Bay, the feeling is open and outward, focused on the cleansing powers of water, salt and crystals.

"At the jungle-immersed Sayan, the focus is inward and nurturing, incorporating authentic spiritual traditions such as chakra balancing and Balinese Ayurvedic healing."

Four Seasons Resorts Sayan. Picture: Four Seasons

Four Seasons' Sayan resort, set in the Ayung River valley, enables guests to learn about Balinese philosophy and "discover a truly Eastern healing experience, providing a practical, modern approach to living in bliss".

"Balinese medicine adheres to the concept of complete oneness - emphasising that there is no separation between us and what is around us," Ms Norman said.

"Ill health is caused not only by imbalance in the physical body, but also by spiritual disconnection to the larger world."

The Sayan spa's new signature treatments are selected according to each guest's needs.

"The seven Chakra Blessing treatments are designed to restore the energy centres that run along the spinal column," a spokesperson said.

"Balinese Ayurvedic healing aims to re-establish balance and wholeness. At the same time, local rituals such as Batu Kali Riverstone Ritual reflect the age-old cleansing and beautifying traditions of the Balinese people."

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