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The beauty of bronzer
The beauty of bronzer

A well-stocked summer beauty bag - and possibly a handbag - contains a compact bronzer.

A popular skincare product in the warmer months, well-applied bronzer can accentuate the warmth of your skin tone, while assisting with contouring.

"Bronzer in powder form is a great product to have on hand, due to its versatility," Clinique national education manager Melissa Elvin-Jensen says.

"Use it to contour around the hairline, on the side of the face and around the jawline to create more definition and give a sun-kissed look without darkening the skin overly (make sure it has a matte finish for the purpose of contouring)."

Alternatively, she suggests using bronzer to bring an all-over hint of colour to the complexion, applied with a large bronzer brush.

"Remember to build the colour slowly while blending down to the neck and chest for a natural finish," she says.

ModelCo founder and chief executive Shelley Barrett offers this top tip for great facial bronzing: "Get the perfect cheekbone contour by applying an illuminating powder bronzer to the highest point of your cheek, brushing diagonally upward towards your temple."

When shopping for a bronzer, Ms Elvin-Jensen recommends looking for golden caramel tones in the product because she believes it helps create the most flattering look.

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