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Surfers survive great white shark attack
Surfers survive great white shark attack

Three surfers have survived a close encounter with a great white shark off the South Australian coast.

They were surfing 2km off the coast of Elliston, on Eyre Peninsula, when the great white made its move yesterday morning.

Andrew McLeod, 35, said he was paddling on his board when he was hit from below by the shark.

"Out of nowhere a massive impact like a car crash came from underneath me," he said.

"I swam back over to my board and the pointer was still hanging around and I could see its tail fin, it was about four or five foot high," he said.

A surfer shows the huge chunk that was taken out of his board by a monster shark off the South Australian coast. Photo: FIRST ON 7

He estimated the great white to be about 4.5 metres long.

It even left two bite marks on his board, along with some blood stains.

He and his mates bunched together and waited anxiously for the next wave to take them to shore while the shark circled.

“Probably the most full-on situation I’ve seen with sharks,” Tyrone Swann said.

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