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Bali deaths: Indonesian police find 29 medications in hotel room
Bali deaths: Indonesian police find 29 medications in hotel room

Indonesian police have revealed they found 29 prescription and non-prescription medications in the hotel room of Noelene Bischoff and her daughter Yvana, who died suddenly in Bali on Saturday.

Among those found in the hotel room were two Indonesian-made anti-allergy drugs, vitamins, Nurofen and Immodium.

Indonesian officials yesterday agreed to the family’s request that autopsies on the bodies be conducted in Queensland.

Noelene Bischoff and 14-year-old Yvana Bischoff died on Saturday, a day after checking into the beachfront resort of Padang Bai in Karangasem, on Bali's east coast.

Indonesian police have said their investigation into the deaths would take longer than usual.

"It has been decided that the autopsy will not be performed in Bali because the family has rejected it," Bali Detective Adnan Pandibu said.

He said arrangements were being made to fly the bodies home as soon as possible.

Relatives have been told toxic fish caused their deaths, while police said it could take longer than a week to determine the cause because forensic officers have a lot of samples to examine, including the medication found in their room.

The pair ate a mixed seafood lunch on Friday at the Warung Dewa Malen restaurant, a popular eatery with Australian tourists in Ubud, around 50km from Padang Bai.

Later that day the pair checked into their hotel and ate mahi mahi fish for dinner at the Buddha Bar and Restaurant attached to the resort.

About six hours later, Yvana reportedly sought help from security staff, saying she and her mother had fallen gravely ill.

Ms Bischoff died while being transported by ambulance to a local medical centre and Yvana died at the Bali International Medical Clinic in Denpasar.

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